About Skitchen Muzik


Skitchen Muzik is a South African online entertainment channel that showcases the best of artists work within the music, art and fashion industry. We bring the creative minds together to share with the world their passion as well as to inspire through digital platform.


Our Mission is to bring forward interviews that are both educational and entertaining to our audience to inspire as well as to have fun together.


We do brand promotions from events, music, art and fashion together with our team of influencers that we have partnered with.    

Live Streaming

The times have changed and we are now living in times where technology serves us best and it is easy to reach out to our audience quickly to share important topics live through social media platforms.


We host events such as Social Market Events. Fashion Events, Music Concert and other events that are related to our market offering.

Artist Management

We offer artist management services for independent artists to assist in their careers and run their business affairs together with our team, while they are focusing on their craft. We understand the importance of having a team that insures that the artist goal is being met.

Content Creation

We create social media contents, websites, professional photos, Videos, Graphics and other Media related contents.